About Us


Hey All, this is Riya Singh; thinker, writer, and believer. I was so inspired by the concept of women’s empowerment in all fields during my college days. I used to think that what I can do to inspire girls and ladies around me and the world? Personally, I am so much obsessed with beauty, makeup, clothes and always put my health on top of all. So I thought, let’s turn this passion into an inspiration for girls like me around the world.

This is how WomenNerdy.com came into existence. I have started this beauty and health blog with my friend Vishal Patel. He helped me with some technical aspects of blogging like digital marketing, bug fixing, theme integration and all that.

WomenNerdy.com is a health blog started by a girl for girls. We feature different beauty tips, women’s health information, and beauty product reviews.

I am not an expert but a beauty enthusiast and thus I do share what I feel good and motivating for girls like me. So, stay tuned with me for more beauty hacks and reviews.