Best Curling Tongs To Try For Curly Hair

Whether you are obsessed with the idea of curling your hair or add a contemporary twist to your hairstyle, you should always source the best curling tongs from the market. There something different you can achieve with the curling tongs. It could either be Hollywood cuts, loose curls or beachy waves.

So, as you scroll ahead, we have come up with the best ones which would never create any disappointment.

Whatever you choose, you should always check the barrel size. If you want curls with fine details, then you can use a skinny barrel tong.

Besides, to exude a look that you were dreaming before, you could use a wide barrel tong. But, if you are bothered about limp hair, then you can lift the top section and curl carefully to get a ‘c’ shape.

How to Use the Curling Tongs?

As you consider a section of the hair, you should spread them evenly between the barrel and the clamp. To achieve the desired tightness, you should take less hair.

Once you secure the hair beneath the clamps, you should avoid kinked ends. For the vibrant beachy wave, you can leave an inch of the hair coming out of the curling tongs.

Soon after winding the hair, you should curl it in the desired direction and hold it for at least 10 minutes.

Now, you need to release the clamp, remove the tongs gently, and unwind the hair as much as possible.

If you wish to move around with set curls, then you can transform the curls with your fingers and clip them to a certain position.

After leaving the curls to settle down, you should separate them with your fingers, brush them accordingly, and loosen the waves.

Now, let’s catch a glimpse of the tongs that have become popular among fashionistas.

Popular Curling Tongs

Popular Curling Tongs

Soft Curling Tongs

Such types of tongs have a barrel that’s 32 mm in length. While the cool tip towards the end helps you to secure the hair in a better way, you can always expect bouncy and beautiful curls when you are ready. With the safety stand, you can place the tong in a safe position and focus on other things that would make you look beautiful.


Ceramic Curling Iron

This 2-in-1 tool can either be used as an iron or a curling wand. As you try to be perfect with your grooming standard, you can always think about a host of styles and textures. In case you want to redo everything, then the tool can be used to straighten the hair. The man behind this tool is none other than Harry Josh.


The Waving Wand

Perfect for a totally different style, these wavers do a better job in curling the hair. Since these tongs are compact, you can carry them in your handbag. As you leave an inch at the end, you would surely love the loose undone look.


Trio Interchangeable Wand

As the interchangeable wand boasts three barrels, it can always be used for creating beachy waves or even tight curls. Additionally, you can adjust the heat that needs to be applied just after you alter the settings. So, whatever you need to impress, the tong is suitable for all types of hair.


Diamond Waves

A diamond wave is a hair waving wand that features a curling barrel and smooth infused ceramic body. While you strive to look natural, the tool helps you for effortless styling and makes the hair shimmer under natural light.


Argan Hair Tongs

This 32 mm hair tong boasts a smooth ceramic and keratin barrel that helps you to create curls with little effort. While the accessory is sleek and has a superior finish, it can be used for any type of hair. As you vary the temperature, you can just manage to achieve the curls in no time.

Salon Shine Waves

Are you thinking about mermaid waves in a couple of minutes? If that’s the scenario, then you can consider this hair care product. While you would be able to achieve shimmering waves in a few minutes, you would be doing everything within the budget. You would be delighted and would leap with joy as you check out the price tag.


Jumbo Hair Tongs

With a ceramic tourmaline barrel, this jumbo tong packs advanced technology. The auto shut off feature would turn the tongs off when you have applied ample heat. This means that you won’t be burning or damaging your hair at any instance.


32 mm Curling Tong

A long barrel with a host of features is sure to entice you to buy this tong. Though the tool is suitable for long hair, you won’t find it troublesome to get off long locks. So, if you wish to look attractive with curly hair, this tong could just be for you.


Glamour Waves Curling Tongs

Designed by the best experts, this tong is for those who are after mermaid and lose waves. As the barrel is larger in size, nothing is impossible even if it’s all about corkscrew curls. A metallic body would surely lure you to add this accessory to your closet.


Pro Curl Volume Hair Tongs

If you are worried about the damage due to heat, then there’s nothing better than these tongs. You might think this to be a god’s sent gift. With the barrel packed with Keratin Micro conditioners, you can achieve anything you desire. Transforming the hair in your style would certainly be much easier.

Label.m Curlng Tongs

As you use these curling tongs to smoothen out your hair, the tongs transmit negative ions. So, even when there’s nothing to show off, you can roam around without getting up with a frizzy finish. Additionally, the tong works well and is approved after the approval was sought from the Toni & Guy session team.

Tips for Making Curls Last Longer

#Tip 1 –  If you are born with fine hair, then you should focus on the volume before getting them curled. But, in any case, you should seek the right product suitable for the hair type. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be concerned about the volume if you have thick hair.

#Tip 2 – Take care of your hair regularly and frequently. If you have split ends, then the curls may look a bit weird. Secondly, your curls would look beautiful if the hair is less frizzy. Heat damage might ruin the hairstyle. So, as you create curls, you should remember to apply a heat protectant cream.

#Tip 3 – Invest in some or the other holding sprays. There are many products you would find at the market. But, you must choose a setting spray with heat protection. Moving ahead, you just need to pace ahead and curl your hair.

#Tip 4 – In case of limp hair, you should use hot cullers. These actually work effectively on fine hair when you want the curls to last longer. Besides, you can always think about loose waves, ringlets, or small curls.

#Tip 5 – Be selective when you use a curing tool. While curling irons can lead to heat damage, a flat iron is easier to use without any practice. Once you have decided what to use, you won’t regret or think about another option.

Finally, you should remember when you had used the hairspray the last time. This would eliminate the entire frizz that is bound to ruin your appearance. In case you want to avoid heat damage, then you can curl the hair at room temperature using pens, socks or pencils. This would certainly be the best way to make your curls lasts for a long time span. With curling tongs, you wouldn’t have to visit the salon and spend dollars for the style hack.

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