Incredible Black & White Nail Designs You Can Always Try

Painting nails with gel polish have always been the rage among ladies who like to redefine style. But, when it comes to white and black nails, a classic color combination is perfect for any type of event. It could either be a party at the discotheque or a business meeting. So, if want something creative on your fingernails, then you should go through incredible designs compiled below.

Black & White Nail Design ideas

  • There are numerous ideas you can implement when you think about tribal motifs. While the design might seem impossible, it’s quite easy to create them either on black or white-colored nails. Small flowers look great on black nail polish while black stripes complement a white nail surface.
  • Sometimes, a color contrast won’t matter much on your fingernails. But, you can try out square nail designs when you need to adorn long fingers featuring a wide nail bed. For an elegant look, you can simply paint black stripes towards the tip and don’t opt for painting the nails completely. Well, you would be flaunting something unique as you are planning to impress your mate.
  • Prepare your nails for a French manicure if you are seeking a totally different design. While the tips are black in color, the pair of black and white cats would help you exude femininity. You won’t have to spend much time because the cats have to be painted only on ring fingernails.
  • If you want your nails to sport a stunning effect, then you should check out the black matte idea. As the nail polish adds an elegant touch, the glittering polish would offer you results in no time. The idea is for ladies who are busy during a hectic schedule. To make the nails look even more beautiful, you can add tiny, scintillating rhinestones once the topmost coat is dried.
  • You can always give a pat on your pack when you use nail gems and floral motifs along with black as well as white nail polish. It’s very much easy to add rhinestones and gems once you apply a base coat. Just be sure that you use a polish that complements the skin tone. You need to use a toothpick to place the gems where they need to be.
  • Adorn black gel nails with colorless contours if you wish to put on an intricate nail art design. Since you need to be patient and possess skills, it might be difficult to implement the design idea. But, the best part is that once the design in on your nails, it is sure to evoke a vibe of zest.
  • As often it may be, simple nail designs can actually turn out to be attractive when you’re getting ready for an event. You can paint the nails white and festoon the nail tip with a small black colored triangle. Such a type of nail art shouldn’t be a great deal when you can’t take out time for a gel manicure.
  • If you’re thinking about a chevron nail art, then it’s time to try out a classy design. As a little bit of black polish makes the difference, the contrast would look amazing on your fingertips. Once you drop by the salon, you can get the nail art done as quickly as possible.
  • For a contrasting texture, you would surely love animal prints over a matte finish. Once you have created the look with a coat of black gel polish, you can use a nail art brush to create Zebra stripes. To accent your thumb, you can add tiny studs towards the base.

Hope you have enjoyed going through the ideas. Let your imagination run wild for a unique nail design.

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