7 Perfect Destinations For Your Hen Weekend

What better way to celebrate the fact you’re soon to be married than spending a great hen weekend with your best girlfriends at one of the nightlife hotspots of the world. Now, traveling with your whole party may take some time to organize and prepare, but it will definitely be worth it. If you too want to spend one last unforgettable weekend as a bachelorette somewhere truly special, check out the following destinations.

Top 7 Destinations For Your Hen Weekend

1. Bermuda

There’s a lot more to a memorable girls-only weekend than nighttime partying. So, if you’re willing to step outside of the box, Bermuda might be your perfect hen destination. Of course, you still have a generous number of bars and restaurants to choose from when it comes to nightlife. But, what makes Bermuda so special, apart from the enjoyable weather, is the possibility to enjoy nature, mesmerizing beaches, surfing classes as well as world-renowned golf courses.

2. Jamaica

Continuing with a tropical paradise, if you really want to relax and de-stress from wedding preparations, Jamaica can be a perfect choice for you and your friends. From breathtaking beaches in Negril to wonderful meals and drinks service next to the hotel pools, you can experience a true bliss of Jamaican hospitality.

3. Ireland


You may not have expected to see Ireland on this list but you better be sure that Ireland’s capital Dublin has a lot in store for you. The number of pubs won’t leave you indifferent. Not only that, but Dublin is famous for very unique and quirky pubs and drinking environment that you can hardly experience anywhere else in the world. People are friendly and the food is great for bidding goodbye to a hangover. And if you want to explore Dublin even more, local history and culture have a lot to offer.

4. Czech Republic

If there’s one European city that’s a must-visit, it has to be Prague. And it just happens to be the number one European destination for hen and stag parties. A true beer lover will find everything they hoped for and more in Prague’s pubs and breweries. On the other hand, Prague is an architecturally beautiful city, with numerous opportunities to explore, discover, and enjoy the mesmerizing history and culture.

5. Hungary

The best destination for all of you looking for some incredible fun time on a budget is undoubtedly Hungary’s capital Budapest. Pub culture is really famous in Budapest yet drinks are pretty affordable. Most of the nightlife hotspots are close to each other so that you can easily pub hop your night away. Not only that, but Budapest has some of the really cool activities to offer as well, castle exploration, spas, bathhouses, and quad biking included.

6. Australia


It seems that one cannot make a list of top “whatever the reason” cities without including Sydney. And in that sense, Sydney is definitely one of the coolest destinations for your hen weekend. There are basically no limitations as to what you can do for your hens’ party in Sydney. Wild nightlife, lovely beaches, plenty of water sports and outdoor activities as well as some truly unique galleries, museums, and natural sceneries make the city of Sydney a perfect destination for this occasion.

7. Singapore

If you crave something new and exotic for your hen’s weekend party, Singapore can meet all of your demands. First of all, you’ll get the chance to experience a culture so different from yours. What’s more, the beauty of Singapore will definitely resonate with you. And apart from that, you have endless choices when it comes to fun, restaurants, bars, meals, and entertainment.

In order for this weekend to be truly special and unforgettable, make sure to start preparing your itinerary well beforehand. Talk to your girlfriends about your preferred hen destination choices and work out a deal that will make for the memories of a lifetime.

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