How to Style Your Bridesmaids in 5 Easy Steps?

When you’re planning your big day, you can’t just call it quits when you find the perfect bridal gown. There are a million details that you need to think about and things to plan out. After all, it’s your big day and it should be just like you imagined it – and that takes work! And besides the flowers, catering, cake and wedding playlists, there are your wonderful bridesmaids who also want to look their best. And if you’re still not sure what dress code to give them, here are some tips:

5 Style Tips to Your Bridesmaids

1. Let Them Have A Say in The Look

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Imagine you were going to an important event, and someone gave you a dress that is ill-fitting, unflattering, and just plain bad. You wouldn’t be happy about it, so why would you do that to your bridesmaids? And besides, of course, taking their measures and sizes to make sure everything fits well, you should also ask them what they want. Your bridesmaids will surely be able to come up with a solution that looks good on everyone. They will be happier, feel more confident, and in the end, you’ll all have a better time.

2. Let Them Add Personal Touches

It’s perfectly fine if you want your bridesmaids to look like they are wearing the same style, color pallet, or cut, but you should also let all of them show that they are individuals with different personalities. This can be as small of a detail as a different style of straps on the dress, or as big as letting each of them decorate themselves with whatever accessories, belts, cardigans or other details they’d like. This will let each of them feel like their personalities are appreciated and it will give some variety to your wedding. Or if you simply don’t care about them looking uniformed, you can let them choose whatever they want to wear, matching or not!

3. Stick To The Theme

If you have a themed wedding, it’s important that everyone involved in the ceremony sticks to it, and that means your bridesmaids as well. That might mean them sticking to a certain color range that you are weaving throughout the ceremony, or wearing a certain flower in their hair or bouquet. But if you have something more specific in mind, like for example a goth wedding, you might want to look at gothic costumes for both you and your bridesmaids, to fit the theme. You can have a lot of fun with your wedding attire, and you most certainly don’t have to stick to the cookie-cutter pastel dresses. It’s your wedding and you can make it as fun and unique as you want.

4. Consider The Cost


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Wedding costs can add up fast, and the last thing you need is a four-figure number that will push you over the budget. But, dresses can be expensive, and you have to keep it in mind while planning – and shopping. If you are asking your bridesmaids to pay for the dresses themselves, then you should be very reasonable with the cost, and let them choose a dress that they will wear again after the wedding. Alternatively, you can offer to pay for the dresses, especially if you are asking your entourage to wear a specific one. Just make sure that your budget can handle the added amount.

5. Do It Together

Your bridesmaids aren’t there to just look pretty on the wedding day. They are there to support you throughout the entire process. So, set dates where you will all spend a day together shopping, planning, trying out dresses, and just having fun. You will all feel closer when you are going through it together, and you will feel less stressed about finding something perfect because you will literally just be having a good time with your best friends.

No matter how you choose to style yourself and your crew, you will remember the day by the fun and the smiles and the conversations. So, get some comfortable dancing shoes and make sure the dresses can handle busting a move on the dance floor!

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