Best Beauty Products To Use During Pregnancy

When you have a little tiny baby inside you, you would always be concerned about the products which are safe to use. Those months can be a bit overwhelming when the skin glows and the hair is thicker than it actually is. So, here’s a list of products you shouldn’t purchase and stock up in your wardrobe during pregnancy.

Whenever you are pregnant, you would have stopped smoking cigarettes and even stopped drinking wine on several occasions. But, as you clear the beauty shelf, you should dig into the beauty bag and dispose of everything that’s out of date. The last thing you should do is to keep the bag clean and free from any fungus growth.

Since mascaras have a short shelf life, you should think about replacing them after every three months. On the contrary, you can keep the foundation powder in the makeup bag for at least a time span of one or two years. In case you observe a change in the color shade or consistency, then you can throw it in the dustbin.

Products to Avoid During Pregnancy

Parabens aren’t safe to use for pregnant women. But, as you have a look at the beauty care products you shouldn’t use those which contain Parabens. Besides, you should also go through the constituents and look for products that contain phthalates. You can avoid using nail polishes and synthetic fragrances that contain diethyl and dibutyl. These are never recommended because they can alter the level of hormones.

If you are tempted to use a skin lightener such as Hydroquinone or Quinone then it can lead to dark spots or melasma. As the skin is capable of absorbing the lotion you would never know how it can affect the fetus.

While you are bearing a baby, you should avoid eating fish because it contains mercury that’s harmful to the body. Apart from the ingredient, you should also look for products that contain Diazolidinyl urea and several other compounds of mercury.

Hair dye is yet another product that you should avoid. But, there’s nothing to panic because a little bit of dye is always non-toxic in nature. It may not cause hair discoloration within 12 weeks and when the body parts and organs are formed with the fetus. Instead, you should opt for natural products that would improve the skin tone.

Products That You Can Buy During Pregnancy


Products To Use During Pregnancy

In case you are breastfeeding mother, then you can always think about a nipple balm. You need not apply an ointment well in advance when you’re feeding a baby.

If you’re suffering from inflammation around the legs, then you have to purchase a cooling gel to enhance circulation and to let the legs restore to normal.

If you’re seeking to use formulations, then you can consider using Mother to be Gift sets. For soothing the skin, you could also use bath oil along with a revitalizing leg and foot spray. But, as you go shopping, make sure that these products are organic and help in improving the skin condition.

To combat dry and flaky skin, you can use a compensating cream based on active ingredients sourced from plants. While these don’t contain nasty chemicals, they can be used to keep the baby’s skin soft anytime you wish to.

Non-toxic nail polishes of reputed brands are always essential to keep the nails beautiful during pregnancy. As you grab the nail polish from the market, you can opt for polishes that don’t contain synthetic camphor, DBP, formaldehyde, and toluene as the active ingredients.

A baby nourishing oil is another product that you can think of for your little one. While these keep the skin soft, the oil protects the epidermis against airborne dust particles, minuscule matter, and disease-causing allergens.

A moisturizing formula can also help when you are bothered about your booms. While you shop for breastfeeding oils, these can bring in a soothing effect and help you make the boobs look great. You would also not have to bother about the skin condition while you are breastfeeding.

Hope you stay safe when you’re about to give birth to a baby. We would love to know more about your experiences when you are using skincare products time and again.

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